Google makes Tasks app a more unified experience

The update will be available in the coming months

Google is looking to simplify its Task experience by allowing users to manage all their to-dos in one place, whether they create tasks using Assistant or Calendar.

With the update, you’ll be able to create tasks whether you’re in Gmail, Google Chat or Google Calendar, and you can sort the tasks you make into lists and star what are most important to you. Once you’re done with a task, you can keep track of the progress in the Google Tasks app. Further, you can mark them as complete.

You’ll also be able to use Assistant to add items to your tasks list, whether you’re using your smartphone or a smart display. And if you add a date or time, you’ll also recieve a notification when it’s time to complete the task to prevent you from forgetting.

These features aren’t available yet but will arrive in the coming months. When Tasks gets the update, you’ll see a notification when you use Assistant or Calendar to create or view reminders. The notification will prompt you to try out the Tasks experience. Open the notification to move your reminders to Tasks, so you can manage all of your to-dos in one place.

Image Credit: Google

Source: Google