Meta ordered to pay Voxer millions in patent infringement case

Meta says it will appeal the decision

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A Texas court has ordered Meta to pay Voxer almost $175 million USD (about $236 million CAD) for violating patents involving Facebook Live and Instagram Live.

Voxer, a company founded in 2007, launched the Walkie Talkie app in 2011. The application lets users share voice messages, texts, and videos.

As reported by The Verge, Meta (before it was rebranded from Facebook) wanted to collaborate with Voxer and approached the company in 2012.  Voxer shared its patent portfolio and technology, but the two groups were unable to enter a mutual agreement. Meta ended up blocking Voxer from parts of its platform before launching Facebook Live in 2015 and Instagram Live the following year.

“Both products incorporate Voxer’s technologies and infringe its patents,” court documents filed by Voxer state.

Meta says it will appeal the decision. “We believe the evidence at trial demonstrated that Meta did not infringe Voxer’s patents,” a Meta spokesperson told Bloomberg Law.

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Via: The Verge, Bloomberg Law