Amazon U.S. indicates Pixel 7 will release on Oct. 13

The smartphone is set to be revealed on October 6th

pixel 7

Google’s Pixel 7 is one week from launch, but it looks like Amazon U.S. jumped the gun as the smartphone has been spotted on the e-commerce site. As first discovered by Brandon Lee, Google’s upcoming flagship will likely receive an October 13th shipping date.

The handset retails for $599 USD (roughly $821 CAD), features 128GB of storage, sports Google’s second-generation Tensor processor and offers “the best photo and video quality yet on Pixel.”

The most significant piece of information in this listing is that “this item will be released on October 13 2022,” giving us a specific release date for the Pixel 7. Of course, this date might be incorrect, but it corroborates an earlier leak from Jon Prosser.

It seems like the press release has been removed from Amazon’s website.

We won’t know for sure until October 6th when Google officially unveils the Pixel 7 series, but I’d guess the phone will likely release on that date.

Source: @thisistechtoday