OneUI Beta 5 lock screen customization looks eerily similar to iOS 16

Similar to iOS 16, OneUI Beta 5 also requires users to long-press to enter the lock screen customization interface

One of the primary attractions of iOS 16 is that it finally allows users to customize their lock screen, a feature that Android users have long enjoyed. When paired with the iPhone 14 Pro’s ‘Dynamic Island,’ this gives a distinct look to a locked iPhone.

The distinctions, however, don’t last long. We already know that Android applications like ‘dynamicSpot’ allow Android users to experience the Dynamic Island-style cut-out without having to buy a new iPhone 14 Pro, and now, Samsung’s OneUI Beta 3 seems to offer a similar lock screen to iOS 16.

First spotted by TechDroider founder Vaibhav Jain (via 9to5Mac), the way users would customize their lock screen in OneUI Beta 5 appears very similar to Apple’s approach.

The ability to change clock style font and a similar colour palette, alongside a wallpaper filter option for different colour tones, and the wallpaper picker option, all look similar on both operating systems. Additionally, the way to customize the lock screen is identical, too — by long-pressing the lock screen.

It’s worth noting that the ability to change clock styles, via GoodLock, has been available since OneUI 4.1.1. That said, the new update adds the ability to change clock fonts and a wallpaper filter option — both of which look similar to iOS 16 in terms of UI — alongside the ability to long-press to enter lock screen customization interface.

Check out more comparison photos in the tweet below:

Image credit: @vvaiibhav

Source: @vvaiibhav