Do Apple’s AirPods really have the best microphones? (Video)

We tested out five popular buds to find out

Apple’s AirPods line has always had a reputation for featuring a decent microphone. However, as more companies like Google, Samsung and Beats (which is actually just owned by Apple) continue to improve the mics in their wireless buds, we decided to test several buds to see which option truly sounds the best.

For the test, we compared the mic featured in the following wireless earbuds:

You can watch the full video below or on our YouTube channel and listen for yourself. If you want to skip to the microphone test, it starts at 2:07.

In the end, the AirPods Pro (2nd-Gen) sound the best to us, but the AirPods (3rd-Gen) and most of the earbuds were still passable. The quality changed a bit when we moved outside in the rain, but that’s likely a rare use case for a lot of people.