Samsung launches more eco-friendly screen repair option in Canada

The new repair option can replace just the LCD glass, reducing the number of parts needed for service.

Galaxy S22

Samsung has launched a new, more environmentally friendly screen repair option in Canada.

Starting October 4th, 2022, the South Korean tech giant’s new ‘LCD Glass Panel Replacement Program‘ will offer a more sustainable, cost-effective option to repair broken screens by replacing damaged LCD glass instead of the complete LCD module.

A Samsung spokesperson told MobileSyrup that the LCD component consists of the LCD module, glass panel, and frame. The new repair solution will allow Samsung to repair the glass panel if it cracks but reuses the LCD module and frame. Samsung says in most cases, only the glass panel is cracked and the module and frame aren’t damaged.

Samsung says the new program will only be for select Galaxy S and Note series devices “for now,” with plans to make it available to more devices in the future. Supported devices and LCD glass replacement costs are as follows:

  • Galaxy S22 Ultra – $309 ($140 savings compared to out-of-warranty screen repair)
  • Galaxy S22+ – $235 ($121 savings)
  • Galaxy S22 – $224 ($121 savings)
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra – $322 ($170 savings)
  • Galaxy S21+ – $231 ($127 savings)
  • Galaxy S21 – $223 ($117 savings)
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra – $290 ($141 savings)
  • Galaxy S20+ – $260 ($189 savings)
  • Galaxy S20 – $262 ($187 savings)
  • Galaxy S10+ – $247 ($149 savings)
  • Galaxy S10 – $245 ($154 savings)
  • Galaxy S10e – $185 ($114 savings)
  • Galaxy Note20 Ultra – $318 ($178 savings)
  • Galaxy Note20 – $231 ($123 savings)
  • Galaxy Note10+ – $364 ($125 savings)
  • Galaxy Note10 – $299 ($116 savings)

You can view more details about Samsung screen repair costs here. That site also includes some caveats around qualification for LCD Glass Replacement repairs, such as that devices can have a damaged frame or other hardware failures. Samsung devices with swelling batteries also won’t qualify for LCD Glass Replacement repairs, which may be particularly troubling for some people with older models.

Samsung says focusing on replacing damaged LCD glass and not replacing the entire LCD module will “help minimize the environmental impact of completing repairs” by reducing carbon emissions through minimizing parts production.

Finally, Samsung says it offers repair pick-up service at customers’ homes or businesses at no extra cost. Alternatively, customers can get the service at Samsung Experience Stores or ‘Exclusive Service Centres.’

You can learn more about Samsung’s LCD Glass Panel Replacement Program, along with the company’s other eco-conscious services, here.

Source: Samsung

Update 2022/10/06 at 4:20pm ET: Samsung posted incorrect repair pricing to its website, and the story has been updated with the correct pricing.

Update 2022/10/05 at 4:20pm ET: Corrected a typo in the headline.