Xbox’s Phil Spencer might have just teased Microsoft’s streaming console

Spencer did this before with the Xbox Series S

Phil Spencer Keystone

Phil Spencer, the head of all things Xbox at Microsoft, might have just revealed the tech giant’s upcoming game streaming box, currently codenamed ‘Keystone.’

In a recent tweet shared from his personal Twitter account celebrating the 25th anniversary of Bethesda’s Fallout franchise, a small Xbox Series S-like console can be seen near the top of the image, slightly below a replica Witcher sword.

This could be Spencer teasing the still unrevealed device, or it could be just some sort of a small Xbox Series S toy. Phil Spencer has done this in the past, though. For example, leading up to the Xbox Series S’ reveal, the Xbox exec hid the console in the background of several public videos.

Back in May, Microsoft confirmed the Keystone codename and that it’s working on a streaming device designed to be “connected to any TV or monitor without the need for a console,” in a statement to Windows Central.

It’s unclear when Xbox’s anticipated game streaming device will be revealed, but if Spencer is teasing it in the background of videos, we’ll likely see it in the coming weeks. With Google’s Stadia platform now dead, Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming service has little competition in the space beyond services like Sony’s PS Now and Nvidia GeForce.

Image credit: @XboxP3