Pixel 6 series to receive Pixel 7 features, including ‘Clear Calling’ and ‘Guided Frame’

Pixel 7 exclusive features are migrating to the Pixel 6 series, including 6 Pro and 6a

Upon the reveal of Google’s Pixel 7 series, the company announced a handful of new software features. At the time, it was assumed they would be exclusive to the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. However, Google recently confirmed several Pixel 7 software features will come to the Pixel 6 series in the future.

Alongside the Pixel 7, Google revealed its ‘Clear Calling’ feature. This feature enables users to make phone calls with improved quality. The goal of Clear Calling is to clean up the audio and remove as much background noise as possible. The feature also supports the ability to say “Silence” to stop incoming calls.

Clear Calling will arrive via a future ‘Feature Drop.’ However, Google recently confirmed that this feature is arriving on all Tensor-powered Pixel phones. This means that Google’s bringing Clear Calling to Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, and Pixel 6a. However, it’s still unclear if and when the feature will arrive on older Pixel devices.

Additionally, Google’s ‘Guided Frame’ feature is also coming to all Tensor-powered Pixel devices. This feature utilizes Google’s AI to assist those that are blind and visually impaired. As an active accessibility option, Guided Frame helps to snap a selfie by using a voice-over assistant. This voice helps the users position their phones in real-time. The feature suggests alterations to the positioning and conducts a countdown to prepare the shot.

Improved ‘Real Tone’ is also coming to the Pixel 6 series, and last up is ‘Spatial Audio’ via the Pixel Buds Pro. For the uninitiated, Spatial Audio creates 3D sound and enables the user to get a heightened sense of audio directions and origins. This is built to create immersive listening experiences.

Unfortunately, one Pixel 7 feature that doesn’t appear to be making its way to the Pixel 6 is ‘Face Unlock.’ At this current time, Google states it has nothing to share regarding its migration to older devices.

Source: PhoneArena Via: 9to5Google