Dyson rebranding Dyson Link app to MyDyson, introduces new features and 24/7 support

Dyson is launching its new MyDyson app on iOS and Android, bringing new tailored features

Dyson has effectively rebranded its Dyson Link app to MyDyson. As part of the relaunch, the app now includes new features that integrate with several of the company’s smart devices. Additionally, enhanced support is now accessible via the app.

Upon installing the app, users will find new ways to interact with their devices. For those adding Dyson hair care machines or cordless vacuums to the app and profile, they’ll be able to enjoy tailored hair styling and floor care guides. How-to videos are also available. Users can also find and select accessories to purchase online.

For those with Dyson purifiers and humidifiers, the MyDyson app includes new functionality. For instance, users can review real-time indoor and outdoor air quality information. Plus, you can create schedules based on routines and needs. The app also enables remote control access to airflow speed, modes, timers, oscillation, etc. Plus, software updates can be found by connecting the device to the app.

Looking at the Dyson robot vacuum, the MyDyson app enables the ability to control, activate or pause their device remotely. Additionally, schedules and the ability to track cleans are available. Users can swap between Max and Quiet modes via the app, even when a cleaning cycle has started. Activity maps, the creation of zones, and software updates can all be found within as well.

Finally, Dyson lights also gain functionality within the app. Users can sync their Dyson light to their location’s natural daylight. MyDyson also enables access to presets, including ‘Relax,’ ‘Study’ and ‘Precision.’ Users can also activate Boost mode for a temporary 20-minute window of high-intensity light. Once again, software updates are available within the app.

To no surprise, there’s limited functionality to Dyson’s hair care machines and cordless vacuums. The MyDyson app certainly tailors more to those with Dyson’s smart home devices. However, 24/7 support, including chat, is available for all machines.

As of now, there are voice control options with Amazon Alexa. However, this feature is limited to Australia, France, Germany, India, Japan, the U.K. and the U.S. There’s no word on when or if Canada is receiving similar support.

MyDyson is available in the App Store in Canada as well as the Google Play Store.

Image credit: Dyson

Source: Dyson