Some AirPods Pro (2nd-Gen) users report experiencing audio drift issues

Not everyone's experience with Apple's new high-end wireless earbuds has been smooth

AirPods Pro (2nd-Gen)

I really like Apple’s AirPods Pro (2nd-Gen), but my experience over the last few weeks hasn’t been entirely perfect.

As first reported by 9to5Mac, several AirPods Pro 2 owners have turned to Reddit to outline issues tied to annoying audio drifting and, in some cases, audio randomly increasing and decreasing.

While it’s still unclear, the problem is likely tied to ‘Adaptive Transparency’ and active noise cancellation (ANC). The wireless earbuds’ new Adaptive Transparency feature levels out the volume when Transparency mode is enabled to prevent loud sounds like a car horn from blasting through the AirPods Pro too noisily.

It’s also worth noting that in most of the reports, users have Spatial Audio and dynamic head tracking disabled. I haven’t run into audio drifting problems at all.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve encountered the occasional AirPods Pro mild audio spike, but I assumed it was tied to a Spatial Audio glitch or perhaps me not setting up Personalized Spatial Audio properly (I haven’t had the opportunity to troubleshoot the issue much). The main problem I’ve run into is that the AirPods Pro (2nd-Gen) will sometimes display as connected to my iPhone 14 Pro or MacBook Pro (2021), but whenever I play audio, nothing comes from the buds. Usually, a quick manual disconnect and reconnect solves the problem, but it’s still annoying.

Apple hasn’t released a statement about the issue, but based on these reports, the problem seems to be tied to software. Hopefully, the tech giant releases an update soon that solves the issue.

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Source: Reddit (TutorPuzzleheaded187) Via: 9to5Mac