Valve rolls out overhauled Steam Mobile app to everyone on Android and iOS

From your phone, you can manage your Steam account and even log in to your PC

Steam Mobile app

Valve has launched its revamped Steam Mobile app on Android and iOS.

The company was beta testing the updated app earlier this year, but this marks the official wide release.

To start, the app sports a redesign that streamlines navigation, making it easier to manage your Steam account. From the app, you can download games to your PC, browse Steam and make purchases and receive notifications about sales and friend requests.

Further, Valve says the app offers improved security by letting you simply scan a QR code to sign into your desktop or PC. The company adds that it’s looking into expanding this functionality to Steam Deck.

You can see the updated app in action in this brief video:

In other Valve news, the company recently announced that its popular Steam Deck handheld is now available for outright purchase — no reservation process required.

Source: Valve