The Pixel 7 Pro’s display seems to be drawing too much power

Hopefully, this is a software issue that can be fixed sooner than later

Google’s Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are now available for purchase, and though our reviews are live, we’ve only been using the devices for roughly a week, so there’s still a lot to learn about them.

And right on schedule, the first Pixel 7 Pro concern has appeared courtesy of XDA Developers. Like us, the publication quickly realized that the handset’s battery life isn’t the best, and XDA might have discovered why.

The team’s Pixel 7 Pro reviewer (@AdamConwayIE) noticed that the display seemed to draw a disproportionate amount of power when set at high brightness levels. Following that, a display test revealed that the Pixel 7 Pro draws roughly 3.5W to 4W at around 600 nits, depending on what else you’re doing with the phone. Worse, it can consume up to 6W at the Pixel 7 Pro’s peak brightness of 1500 nits.

To put this in perspective, the Galaxy S22 Ultra only draws more than 4W when its brightness is at 1100 nits. This means the Pixel 7 Pro’s display consumes about 50 percent more power than the S22 Ultra. Even the Pixel 6 Pro hits 4W when is at 800 nits.

XDA even reached out to other publishers in different regions of the world, and they all seem to have experienced similar issues.

XDA estimates if you’re playing games on your device in a high-brightness mode, you could be drawing up to 18W of battery power.

The publication is unsure if this issue relates to software or hardware. If it’s software, Google could fix the problem with an update, but if it’s not, we’re all out of luck.

Until then, the best way of saving battery life is using a lower brightness level, which XDA says will put the consumption draw at an almost normal level. It’s worth noting that XDA says this isn’t a problem shared by the Pixel 7.

Source: XDA Developers