Google’s Android archiving app feature leaks

The archiving featuremakes apps take up a lot less space

It looks like someone has been able to activate Google’s upcoming Android archiving tool ahead of its official release.

Google announced its upcoming archiving feature earlier this year and claimed it can help users free up around 60 percent of storage for apps without requiring you to delete the app completely.

Fast-forward to now, and @AssembleDebug has uncovered the feature and was able to activate it before its official launch. The Google Play Store will allow users to select between uninstalling an app or the new ‘Archive’ option.

@AssembleDebug uses the Google News app as an example. The app typically takes up 32MB of space, but when it’s archived, it only uses 1.4MB. And if you choose to re-download it, all your data should still be attached.

The archived app will appear on your home screen, but it includes a cloud icon, indicating the app is not fully installed. Then when you click on the app, you’re brought to the download page to reinstall it.

At this moment, there’s no official release date for this feature.

Source: @AssembleDebug Via: Android Police