Microsoft might be working on a Windows 11 floating taskbar

It is currently unknown if the floating taskbar will roll out to end users

At Microsoft’s Ignite annual conference for developers and IT professionals, Satya Nadela, the tech giant’s CEO, showed off a concept Windows 11 UI that garnered a lot of attention.

During his keynote, Nadela showed off the UI working on a Surface Studio 2+, and people were quick to point out that the taskbar shown was a floating one, something not available currently with Windows 11.

It’s worth noting that Windows Insiders have previously tested a build of Windows 11 that featured a rounded floating taskbar, however, Microsoft brushed it off as a bug. “This looks like a bug. There are a few bugs like this that change the UI in various ways. It’s not something we’re doing any A/B testing on,” said Brandon LeBlanc, senior program manager for the Windows Insider Program team, back in August.

Current Windows 11 taskbar customizations include the ability to hide the taskbar, taskbar app badges, taskbar for multiple displays and more, as seen below:

It is currently unknown if the floating taskbar is something Microsoft wishes to add to all Windows 11 devices, specific devices like the Surface Studio 2+ or if the company doesn’t intend to roll out the feature any time soon.

Image credit: @thebookisclosed

Source: @FireCubeStudios Via: The Verge