City of Hamilton ‘regrets’ exposing emails and names of 450 voters

The city is also asking those who've received the original e-mail to delete it from their inbox and deleted folders

The City of Hamilton, Ontario experienced a privacy breach, exposing the names and emails of approximately 450 voters.  The City’s statement about the breach said it “regrets the error and any distress.”

“Multiple email addresses were inadvertently entered in the to: line of the email instead of the bcc: line, exposing email addresses to all recipients of the email message,” says the cit. This affected all who registered to use the ‘Vote by Mail’ process.

The City of Hamilton sent a follow-up email to the original recipients and said that “immediate steps were taken to recall the message; however, the email was not successfully recalled by all of the recipients,” reports CTV.

Hamilton is also asking those who’ve received the original message to delete it from their inbox and deleted folders.

If you have any complaints about this situation, you can reach out to City Clerk’s Division – here at 905-546-2424 ext. 2743 or email clerk@hamilton.ca.

Source: City of Hamilton, CTV