Some Pixel 7 Pro users report encountering scrolling issues with display

More issues with Google's flagship smartphone are starting to appear

As has been the case for the last few years, Google’s latest Pixel flagship seems to be experiencing issues now that it’s in the hands of users. We recently learned that the phone’s display draws more power than it should, and now some users are encountering a display scrolling issue.

According to several Reddit posts, scrolling seems inconsistent with the Pixel 7 Pro, causing the device’s display to randomly shift unexpectedly and, in some cases, not scroll at all.

Android Police’s editors have also run into this issue. They believe that the Pixel 7 Pro’s display is susceptible to quick and minor movements.

There’s a possibility that the Pixel 7 Pro’s 120Hz refresh rate display might be to blame. It’s worth noting that the issue primarily affects the Pixel 7 Pro, with only some Pixel 7 users complaining about the problem. This could be tied to the Pixel 7 only featuring a 90Hz display. Some users have reported that the issue improves after installing and downloading the Pixel 7 Pro’s initial system update.

For what it’s worth, I haven’t run into this problem with the Pixel 7 Pro, and Jon Lamont hasn’t encountered it with the Pixel 7.

Have you encountered this issue with the Pixel 7 Pro? Let us know in the comment section below. For more on Google’s Pixel 7 Pro, check out my review of the handset.

Source: Reddit (abbertard) Via: Android Police