U.S. jeweller is transforming the way the Apple Watch Ultra looks

The eye-catching alterations come at a steep cost

The Apple Watch Ultra is massive.

The smartwatch features the largest battery, compared to other Apple Watches, at 542mAh. The device is targeted towards those practicing active sports, like scuba diving and rock climbing, and has features like the yellow rubberized ‘Ocean Band’ designed for those activities.

However, some might not be satisfied with the Watch Ultra’s look. But as Digital Trends reports, there’s always more that can be done. In this case, people can enlist De Billas Lux as an option. In a YouTube video, the U.S.-based jeweller used its polishing treatment on the device, making it look like raw metal. The company paired it with a matching link band, completely transforming the Apple Watch Ultra.

“We start by very carefully preparing the watch to be treated with an electrolytic solution in order to remove the paint and previous finish. After this, we carefully start polishing the watch with our special equipment in order to achieve the mirror finish you see,” De Billas Lux told Digital Trends. 

But the transformation comes with a steep price tag of $1,499 USD (roughly $2,052 CAD). It’s unclear if the transformation will void the device’s warranty or impact its use for active sports.

Take a look at the video for yourself below:

Image credit: De Billas Lux/ screenshot

Source: De Billas Lux/YouTube Via: Digital Trends