Lenovo shows off vertically rollable concept phone

This is what you'd call a “grower”

Lenovo logo

At Lenovo Tech World 2022, the company showed off two new rollable concepts. The first is an unusual design, a device that rolls vertically instead of horizontally, unlike other rollable concepts.

While rollables typically turn smartphones into “tablets,” this concept turns a 4-inch device into a standard 6.5-inch smartphone. Motorola says that this design allows users to have a premium smartphone in a compact size. It’s interesting as it’s the same idea behind the modern Motorola Razr.

The company is also looking at rollable technology in laptops. A concept of a rollable laptop was shown, revealing a display that can get taller. The President of Lenovo’s Intelligent Devices Group said the vertical display can help with multitasking, browsing and other applications.

I wouldn’t expect any of these concepts to come to fruition anytime soon, but hopefully, they show up at some point.

Source: Lenovo Research Via: Android Police