Pixel 7 series fails to install Google Play System update

Currently, I don't have this issue on my Pixel 7 series device

Google’s Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are experiencing an issue preventing the smartphones from downloading a new Google Play system update.

While the Pixel 7 series is running the current Android security patch, it’s also on the July 1st Google Play system update. Because this version is old, the Security Hub prompts an ‘update this device’ notification.

Some users will get the Google Play System update available screen, which appeared with a 7.6KB update size. “Latest security update from Google. Update now to keep safe and improve device stability.”

After you tap the ‘Download & Install’ option, you’re brought briefly to a new screen. Then, it returns you to the update available screen that now reads “Failed to update” and with a “Try again later” message. If you try repeating the process or rebooting your Pixel 7, the outcome won’t change.

The Pixel 7 Pro and the smaller Pixel 7 both have this issue, according to 9to5Google, but it’s worth noting that I haven’t experienced this on my 7 Pro yet.

Via: 9to5Google