Spotify might launch HiFi quality tier next month

The streaming music service first announced the high-quality music option back in 2021


It looks like Spotify might finally bring HiFi streaming quality to subscribers. HiFi music is already available on Apple Music, Deezer and Tidal, but currently, the streaming music platform doesn’t offer music quality beyond 320kbit/s.

Spotify’s confirmed a HiFi subscription is coming back in 2021, but the lossless quality setting hasn’t yet hit the music streaming platform. Now, a Reddit user (nearlymind) has spotted the feature ahead of what is likely its official launch.

When the Redditor cancelled their Spotify Premium subscription to switch to Apple Music, the platform sent them a survey that asked them if they would consider paying for Spotify Platinum in the next 30 days. If this survey is correct, Spotify Platinum, which is assumed to include lossless quality music, might roll out in November.

Spotify new Platinum plan could feature HiFi streaming support, Studio Sound, headphone tuner utility, audio insights, Library Pro, Playlist Pro and Limited ad-supported Spotify podcasts.

It’s currently unclear what Playlist Pro would entail, but it could be similar to Apple Music’s Smart Playlist feature, which automatically adds songs to a playlist that fits specific criteria. On the other hand, Library Pro could let users edit metadata for songs, artists, albums and more.

Spotify Platinum will cost $19.99 USD (about $27.52 CAD), according to the Redditor’s post, which puts the cost in-line with Tidal. However, Apple Music offers HiFi as part of its base-level $9.99 pricing, so it’s possible we’ll see a restructuring of Spotify’s pricing tiers.

Source: What HiFi