Xbox October update adds TV volume control and option to mute start-up sounds

The latest Xbox Series X/S update includes several minor quality-of-life features

Microsoft’s latest Xbox Series X/S update adds the ability to control TV volume through the Xbox Guide’s audio and music settings section. The feature is powered by an HDMI feature called Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) that allows devices to send commands to CEC-enabled televisions.

The update also includes a minor refresh to how you set your ‘home’ Xbox’ describes as offering an “improved setup screen.” Your Home Xbox gives your family and friends access to your games even when you’re not online. You’ll need to be signed in and online to use your software on other Xbox consoles.

Other bug fixes relate to USB flight sticks that work with the Xbox Adaptive controller, and changes to the Xbox’s power modes, which are now called the following: ‘Sleep’ and ‘Showdown.’ Microsoft has also changed the name of its ‘Xbox Passkey’ and ‘Guest Key’ to ‘Xbox Pin’ and ‘Xbox Guest Pin, ‘and has pushed out firmware updates for the Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, Xbox Series X/S gamepad, Adaptive Controller and Bluetooth Xbox One gamepad.

And finally, you can now trim clips directly in the Xbox app on Android and iOS instead of downloading the footage to your smartphone and editing the video with either Apple’s or Google’s Photos app. The update is rolling out now.

Microsoft’s last Xbox operating system was far more substantial and offered several new options related to users’ game libraries.

Microsoft recently launched its new Xbox Elite Series 2 custom controller design platform.

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