Motorola could double down on foldables next year with two Razr devices

The phones are codenamed 'Juno' and 'Venus'

Motorola Razr 2022

While the Canadian foldable market is dominated by Samsung, elsewhere in the world, manufacturers like Xiaomi, Oppo, and Huawei are also exploring foldables. Beyond these manufacturers, there’s also Motorola, which once upon a time launched a foldable in Canada, but seems to now be avoiding our market.

The company has been working on its Razr line for the past few years, first releasing its most recent Razr in China before bringing it to an international market (likely not including Canada) in the coming weeks. Now, a new rumour indicates the company will launch two Razr-branded devices next year.

According to the prolific leaker Evan Blass, Motorola could launch two Razr devices next year, codenamed ‘Juno’ and ‘Venus.’ The current Razr 2022 is codenamed Maven, not a Roman goddess.

Blass doesn’t offer any more details, however.

At the recent Lenovo Tech World 2022, Motorola parent company Lenovo revealed a rollable phone that unrolls vertically. It’s possible that this might one of the handsets that Motorola will launch next year.

Unfortunately, we probably won’t get either device in Canada given the company has shifted its focus to other markets like China.

Image credit: Motorola

Source: @evleaks Via: Android Police