Microsoft testing PC Manager app that can clean up your storage

The app also offers tools for boosting performance and ditching unused apps

Microsoft is building a tool to boost computer performance by cleaning out old junk.

Dubbed ‘PC Manager,’ The Verge found a web page for the app’s public beta in China. The app appears to offer ways to clean up storage and end tasks, as well as control which apps start up with Windows.

It’s worth noting that there are plenty of third-party options that promise similar performance-boosting tools, like CCleaner, but those often have sketchy reputations. Having an option provided by Microsoft may be better for some, at least from the perspective that it will be more trustworthy.

Moreover, much of the app’s functionality already exists in Windows. The PC Manager app just pulls these tools into one convenient location.

The storage manager portion includes a tool for managing and removing apps that are rarely used. There’s also a cleanup scan that can highlight large files on your drives, and a process management feature that appears to be a simplified version of the Task Manager for killing off processes eating too much RAM.

The PC Manager app has a ‘boost’ button that users can click to clear temporary files and free up memory. There’s even a browser protection tool that includes an option to pick a default browser that’s easier than Windows’ existing default browser picker.

Considering the PC Manager app is available from an official Microsoft website in China, it’s possible the app is intended for a specific market. The Verge says the app seems designed for low-spec laptops and PCs. The website notes it supports Windows 10 and up.

You can check it out for yourself here.

Source: Microsoft Via: The Verge