Oddly, Google’s Pixel Watch charger can charge the Pixel Buds

And it's magnetic

For some reason, you can’t charge your Pixel Watch with your Pixel phone or a Qi charger, but according to 9to5Google, the Pixel Watch charger can be used to top-up the Pixel Buds and Buds Pro.

9to5Google’s Damien Wilde placed his dead Pixel Buds on the magnetic Pixel Watch charger to see if it would charge. It did, but Wilde believed it was a fluke, so he tried it again and again, and each time the device charged.

What’s useful about the situation is that the Pixel Watch charger will magnetically stick to the earbuds’ case. The shape of the buds case doesn’t exactly match the Pixel Watch charger, but it’s good enough.

Source: 9to5Google