Snapchat rolls out more Snapchat+ exclusive features, including spooky backgrounds

The recent update means Snapchat+ now offers 12 exclusive features

Snapchat has released four new features for its Snapchat+ subscription service.

Custom Story Expiration allows users to set when they want their stories to expire, which can last anywhere from one hour to one week.

Custom Notification Sounds allow users to select separate tones for their friends, so they know who sent them a Snap without having to look down at their phone.

Camera Color Borders lets users pick a colour for borders as they capture content. And, just in time for spooky season, Snapchat has also released three eerie Bitmoji Backgrounds for people to use on their profiles.

These additions bring the exclusive feature count for Snapchat+ subscribers to 12. The subscription service was first introduced in June and has more than one million subscribers.

Image credit: Snapchat

Source: Snapchat