Custom emojis arrive on Google Chat, but not for all

The custom emoji feature won't be available to personal Google accounts

Google Chat is borrowing one of Slack’s most integral features: custom emojis.

The feature is currently rolling out for admins and is expected to be available for end users in November.

Custom emojis will only be available to Google Workspace users who are part of an organization. Once fully rolled out, admins will have full control over the feature, and can set organizational guidelines and “designate emoji managers who can browse and delete custom emojis that do not adhere to the company’s guidelines.”

Admins can also limit who can create new emojis, including an option to turn it off for all users.

If your admin is a generous one, you, the end user, would be able to make custom emojis in the web version of Chat or Gmail by heading to the “Create” button in the emoji picker. From here, you can upload a custom image for your emoji, and give it a descriptive name.

Custom emojis created by you can be seen and used by any other member of your organization.

The custom emoji feature won’t be available to personal Google accounts.

Image credit: Google

Source: Google