Koodo launches ‘Pick Your Perk’ plans with options like Rollover Data

Customers can also select perks like Speed Boost, unlimited long distance, international SMS, or premium voicemail

Telus flanker brand Koodo rolled out a change to its plans, adding a ‘Pick Your Perk’ option that lets customers select one free add-on for their plan.

In total, there are five perk options, although which ones are available depends on which plan you choose (only Koodo’s most expensive plan has access to all five perk options). The perk options are:

  • Rollover Data – “Keep any of your unused data from your plan and roll it over into the next month.”
  • Speed Boost – “Double your 4G speed limit with up to 200 Mbps download speed.”
  • Unlimited Long Distance Pack – “Get unlimited long distance calling to the U.S., China, Hong Kong, India, UK, Bangladesh, and Mexico from anywhere in Canada.”
  • Unlimited International SMS – “Send and receive unlimited international SMS to and from Canada free of charge”
  • Premium Voicemail – “Store up to 25 messages, plus send voicemails to your phone via MMS with Instant Voicemail”

Koodo’s Pick Your Perk options.

Customers can’t select a perk when checking out on the company’s website. Instead, Koodo directs them to head to Self Serve, select ‘Mobile services’ from the menu, then ‘My add-ons’ and ‘Manage perks.’ Customers can also use that menu to change their perk if they want, but the new perk won’t apply until the first day of their next bill cycle.

It’s worth noting that the Unlimited International SMS perk used to be included in some Koodo plans. Instead, Koodo Pick Your Perk plans now include unlimited Canada-wide text and picture messaging.

This doesn’t apply to the CRTC-mandated starter plans, most of which still include unlimited international messaging. Moreover, those plans don’t include the ‘Pick Your Perk’ option, same with Koodo’s $27/mo calling and texting plan with no data.

Below, you can find a list of which plans have which perk options:

  • $45/mo 6GB – Premium Voicemail, Unlimited International SMS
  • $55/mo 8GB – Premium Voicemail, Unlimited International SMS, Rollover Data
  • $60/mo 10GB – Premium Voicemail, Unlimited International SMS, Rollover Data, Speed Boost
  • $65/20GB – Premium Voicemail, Unlimited International SMS, Rollover Data, Speed Boost, Unlimited Long Distance Pack

Koodo’s FAQ about the Pick Your Perk plans notes that customers can purchase any of the unselected perks available with their rate plan as an add-on in Self Serve (i.e. if you have the $45/mo plan with the Premium Voicemail perk, you can only pay to add the Unlimited International SMS perk). Koodo confirmed to MobileSyrup what each perk costs if customers choose to add one beyond the included free perk:

  • Premium Voicemail: $3/mo
  • International SMS: $3/mo
    Rollover Data: $5/mo
  • Speed Boost: $5/mo
  • Unlimited Long Distance Pack: $10/mo

A few other interesting tidbits of information about rollover data: Koodo’s rollover data perk doesn’t work with Easy Roam “for now.” Koodo’s website says rollover data “isn’t accessible while roaming,” but if you have leftover data, you can still use it next month.

Additionally, rollover data only lasts one month. Per Koodo’s FAQ page:

“Any data leftover from your plan’s data bucket in the current month will get added to your data bucket for next month. Your Rollover Data will get used automatically after you use all of your regular plan data. You can only keep your Rollover Data for one month, so any unused Rollover Data at the end of the month will expire.”

You can learn more about Koodo’s Pick Your Perk plans here.

Update 2022/10/27 at 12:48pm ET: Added several clarifying details about the cost of additional perks from Koodo.