Google’s Nest Wifi Pro speeds limited to 50Mbps for some users

The cause of the issue is unclear

Nest Wifi Pro

In several posts on Google’s Nest community forums, Nest Wifi Pro users are outlining an issue where their download speed is limited to just 50Mbps, despite their internet connection offering far higher speeds.

It’s unclear what’s causing the problem, but most of the commenters point to a PPPoE protocol issue related to authenticating your internet connection to be the culprit. It’s worth noting that the majority of reports are coming from U.K.-based Nest Wifi Pro users.

For what it’s worth, my experience so far with the Nest Wifi Pro has been relatively solid. Near my main router, I’m able to get roughly 850Mbps download and 30Mbps upload over Wi-Fi, with the connection dropping to roughly 300Mbps with the Point in my living room and similar speeds on the one in my basement.

In terms of solutions, some people say that placing a router ahead of the Nest Wifi Pro in their network setup solves the speed issue, while others have just returned the router altogether until Google releases a software fix.

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Source: Google Via: 9to5Google