Fujifilm’s X-T5 is a return to form for photographers

The small size and advanced features make this camera a serious contender

Hot off the release of the game-changing X-H2s, Fujifilm is back with the compact photography-focused X-T5.

The new camera features the same 40-megapixel sensor as the X-H2 and the upgraded autofocus system as the other new cameras from 2022. This is notable news since it means this camera is a significant step above anything with an X-Trans 4 sensor, in my experience.

The X-T5 is a photography-focused camera instead of the video tendencies built into the X-H line. That’s not to say that it won’t excel at shooting video, but think of it more as a successor to the X-T3 than the X-T4.

Without going into too much detail, there are three main factors that make this camera stand out from Fujifilm’s other new devices this year.

It features a tilt screen that can’t flip around when you’re filming yourself, unfortunately. On the plus side, for photography, the tilt-screen is better since it’s quicker to use and can tilt up and down easily to make shooting from low or high angles convenient. My current X-T3 camera features a tilt screen, and I love it when I’m taking pictures, but as my role at MobileSyrup moves more into video, I think the next camera I buy will need a fully articulating LCD.

Beyond that, the camera is tiny. As someone worried that Fujifilm cameras were trending bigger with the X-T4 and the X-H2s, the small size of the X-T5 is a relief. The camera comes in much closer in size to my beloved X-T3, and Fujifilm says it’s the same size as the original X-T1. Small cameras are fantastic, and this size-to-performance ratio has me excited to see what the company makes next.

The third thing Fuji fans will be excited to see in the X-T5 is the return of classic dials. Having a dedicated knob for ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation is great and a much-loved Fujifilm design.

Combining the new autofocus and 40-megapixel sensor with this small photo-centric body might not be my dream camera, but this is a substantial upgrade for many people. Anyone using an X-T3 or older for photography should be excited about this upgrade.

The camera comes in at $1,699.95 USD (roughly, $2,320 CAD). MobileSyrup will update this story with Canadian pricing when that information is available.

Image credit: Fujifilm