Musk pulled 50 Tesla employees to work on Twitter code

Some employees from the Boring Company and Neuralink have also reportedly been shifted to Twitter

After completing his $44 billion USD (roughly $60 billion CAD) acquisition of Twitter on October 28th, Elon Musk has reportedly brought in 50 of his trusted Tesla Autopilot software engineers to review Twitter’s code, as reported by CNBC News. 

According to internal records reviewed by CNBC News, employees from Musk’s other companies are now allowed to work at Twitter, with 50 from Tesla, two from the Boring Company and one from Neuralink already switching.

It is currently unclear whether Tesla employees are expected to split their schedules between working at Twitter and Tesla, or if they will dedicate their full time to the social media company. Added to that, these employees are reported to have little to no experience in the field of social media coding, and use a different programing language from the one used at Twitter.

Tesla software engineers use Python programing language, while Twitter runs on the Scala programing language.

Further, Twitter employees have been asked to show technical documentation to justify the work they do at Twitter to prove their value to the company. Employees have also reportedly been working unsustainably long shifts since Musk’s takeover to meet deadlines, with the news that Musk intends to trim Twitter’s headcount significantly looming over them.

“The employees said they are worried about being fired without cause or warning, rather than laid off with severance,” reads the CNBC News report.

In addition to ‘fixing’ Twitter, Musk has also asked software engineers at Twitter to look at Vine’s code in an attempt to revive the app. Twitter acquired Vine for $30 million USD (about $40 million CAD) in 2012, only to shut it down in 2016. Read more about it here.

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Source: CNBC News