Twitter might give everyone the ability to edit tweets

Editable tweets might not be part of Blue anymore


There’s been much debate over Musk’s plan to jack up the cost of Twitter Blue and make it a requirement for verification on Twitter. However, new details suggest Twitter could make one of the best Blue features available to everyone: the edit button.

As reported by Casey Newton in his Platformer newsletter (paywalled), internal company discussions detail a plan to give all users the ability to edit tweets. After years of jokes, memes, and desperate requests, Twitter finally added an edit button but locked it behind the ‘Blue’ subscription service.

Alongside a free edit button, Newton reported that Twitter is considering a $99 USD annual plan for Twitter Blue to go alongside the proposed $8/mo USD price increase proposed by Musk.

Initially, reports indicated Twitter would increase the cost of Blue to $20/mo USD and make verified users (designated with a blue checkmark) sign up for Blue to keep their verification. However, after much backlash, Musk suggested the $8/mo price instead.

Musk has also gone on to tweet additional details of the new Blue program, although seemingly without any thought to the work involved in building the proposed features. The list includes priority for replies, mentions, and search, the ability to post long videos and audio, and “half as many ads.” Moreover, Musk mentioned a “paywall bypass” for publishers willing to work with Twitter, which notably was already a feature of Blue that apparently the company is shutting down.

On the one hand, it’ll be great to have editable tweets available for the masses (anyone can make a typo, after all). On the other, editable tweets is one of the few worthwhile features of Twitter Blue, which is about to see a big price hike. It seems strange to me that Twitter would give away the edit button while trying to force people to pay for verification.

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Source: Platformer, @CaseyNewton