Elon Musk has been fact-checked by Twitter

He owns Twitter, but that hasn't stopped the platform from questioning his outlandish claims

Elon Musk

Twitter is in a state of chaos thanks to widespread layoffs and edicts from its new owner surrounding outlandish money-making efforts like paid verification and DMs.

As Elon Musk often does, the recently crowned “chief twit” turned to the social media platform he now owns to blame “activist groups” for the “massive” drop in revenue the social media platform has experienced since his takeover.

Right on queue, this tweet was flagged by users with three fact-checking links, including coverage from the Wall Street Journal, MSN and the Daily Mail. The articles outline that major brands have pulled out from advertising on the platform because there’s widespread uncertainty surrounding the free speech-focused direction Musk plans to take Twitter.

While the fact-checked portion of Musk’s tweet isn’t visible to everyone, several Twitter users snapped screenshots.

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