Elon Musk officially launches $8/month Twitter sub with blue checkmark

Twitter says you can now get a blue check “just like the celebrities, companies and politicians you already follow”


Twitter has officially launched its $8/month subscription service that includes an overhaul to Twitter Blue.

Elon Musk, who officially acquired the social media giant last week, quickly got to work on a way to monetize how people obtain the blue checkmarks.

Now, those who pay the new $8 monthly fee for Twitter Blue (up from $6.49/month) can receive the same checks that were previously given to public figures, including celebrities, businesses and journalists. Twitter Blue previously gave people access to features like editing tweets and an improved reader mode.

However, the check is simply available for purchase through the new subscription. As part of a new update, iOS users are told they can sign up now to receive the blue checkmark next to their names, “just like the celebrities, companies and politicians you already follow.” (It’s unclear when it’s rolling out on Android.)

Critics have previously expressed concern that such a system would dilute the intended meaning of verification, which was to combat impersonations and fake news. It remains to be seen what will happen now that anyone can get a check.

Musk’s first week as head of Twitter has been met with significant controversy, including his sharing of a conspiracy theory related to the assault of Paul Pelosi and the layoffs of half of Twitter’s staff.