Starlink to implement data cap on residential customers

Users will have access to 1TB of 'Priority Access' each month under new Fair Use Policy

Starlink’s users will be limited to a data cap under the satellite internet company’s new rules.

Effective next month, home internet customers who use 1TB of Priority Access per month during peak hours (7am to 11pm) will find themselves on Basic Access under its ‘Fair Use Policy.’

Each service plan offered by Starlink will include 1TB of Priority Access data, which provides faster speeds and improved performance compared to Basic Access. The category offers slower speeds and impacts bandwidth-intensive apps like video streaming.

Starlink revealed the news to its customers in Canada and the U.S in an email.

While the company said less than 10 percent of its users exceed 1TB each month, anyone needing more priority data can purchase it for 25 cents/ per GB and keep track of usage on Starlink’s app or customer portal.

“Starlink is a finite resource that will continue to grow as we launch additional satellites,” the company says on its website. “To serve the greatest number of people with high-speed internet, we must manage the network to balance Starlink supply with user demand.”

Priority Access isn’t available for RV and Portability satellite customers. Different rules apply to business customers.

The rules come as Starlink continues to expand its presence in Canada. The company recently made its services available in Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories. 

Image credit: Starlink 

Source: Starlink