Toronto-based Nanoleaf unveils new ‘Lines Squared’ LED light bars

Nanoleaf Lines Squared Smarter Kit starts at $129.99 CAD

Toronto-based Nanoleaf has unveiled the successor to its 2021-released Lines smart light, its Nanoleaf Lines Squared smart LED light bars with a new modular design.

The new LED lights come with a square connector, while its predecessor came with hexagon connectors. The new square connecter allows users to lay out the light bars at 90-degree angles to “set up clean lines around door frames and corners or experiment with geometric designs.” Lines Squared predecessor — Lines, only allowed 60-degree angles.

Lines Squared can be combined with the original Lines, which means users can combine the 90-degree and 60-degree angles to form a single creative design. Each Line Squared is roughly 28cm long and is made of white plastic. The bars feature a strip of RGBW LED lights along their bottom that illuminate and reflect off the surface you mount the bars on.

Each bar has two colour zones, which means each Line Squared bar can display two independent colours at once for added customization and are compatible with Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, SmartThings, Razer Chroma, iCUE.

Further, the lights feature a ‘Rhythm Music Visualizer,’ allowing the lights to react to music in real-time and a ‘Screen Mirror’ feature that allows the lights to replicate the colour on your TV or monitor.

Notably, the Lines Sqaured support the Thread ecosystem and will act as Thread Border Routers for other Thread-enabled smart devices in your house.

The new Nanoleaf Lines Squared Smarter Kit starts at $129.99. They appear to be out of stock on Nanoleaf’s website, but you can set alerts for when they’re back in stock here.

Image credit: Nanoleaf

Source: Nanoleaf