Users notice that Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 update GVI3 bricks your device

Samsung has stopped the update from reaching other devices

If you own Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4, you might want to wait before installing the wearable’s latest update. According to SamMobile, the Galaxy Watch 4 update featuring the firmware number ‘R8xxXXU1GVI3’ has bricked some devices, causing them to be unusable.

SamMobile says that after users download the update on their Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and turn the wearable off, it doesn’t turn back on again. This means that once it’s powered down, the update causes the watch to never turn on again.

SamMobile says that the update won’t likely be fixed with another update, as you’d need to keep your smartwatch on long enough to receive the fix, and once it turns off, it’s gone for good.

It’s unclear how widespread this issue is, but there are numerous complaints in the Samsung Community forums in South Korea, and reports on Reddit from users in other countries.

According to BusinessKoreaSamsung has posted an apology on its Samsung Members website. “After a recent Galaxy Watch 4 software update, some watches did not turn on,” it said. “We have stopped updating the software that caused the error, and we will distribute an improved version of the software soon.”

Additionally, for anyone who has had this issue, Samsung Electronics is offering free repair services.

Via: SamMobile, Business Korea