Greasy gamers can up their game with McDonald’s new chair

The grease-proof gaming chair of your dreams has arrived

McDonald's Gaming Chair

What a time to be alive.

McDonald’s has created a grease-proof gaming chair. Yes, the fast-food chain known as Ronald McDonald, Rotten Rons and McDicks, has released a gaming office chair called the McCrispy that features a fries and drink holder, two dip holders and a hot box to keep your food warm while you game.

Oh, and it’s also made of entirely stain-proof leather and, of course, includes a branded towel.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to head down to your local Staples or Best Buy and buy this ultimate gamer chair because it’s part of a giveaway tied to McDonald’s new McCrispy chicken sandwich. You can enter the contest through this link.

Beyond the wacky McDonald’s branding, the chair looks like a relatively standard gaming chair — which likely means it’s very uncomfortable.

It’s unclear if Mcdonald’s has plans to release the gaming chair on a broader basis, but I’m doubtful unless the fast food chain is looking to dive deeper into the esports space.

Image credit: McDonald’s

Source: esports Via: Gizmodo