DoorDash launches new safety features focusing on Dasher safety

The four new safety features focus on assisting Dashers in real-time

DoorDash has launched a new list of safety features for their drivers, or ‘Dashers,’ in Canada.

Real-Time Safety Alerts sees the company partner with samdesk, a platform that keeps track of global crises. In the event of an emergency, the company will alert Dashers, merchants, and customers of situations in an impacted area. The company piloted the feature in the U.S, responding to active shootings, bomb threats, and building fires.

SafeChat focuses on the platform’s chat function in hopes of creating a safe environment. If inappropriate language is detected in a chat, the person on the receiving end will have the option to report the incident, and the sender will receive a warning. A Dasher can bow out of a delivery without consequence.

Safety Reporting allows Dashers to report safety incidents. Porch Light Reminders will see customers receive notifications to turn on their lights when Dashers are approaching to help them feel safe.

An example of Real-Time Safety Alerts (left) and Porch Light Reminders. Image credit: DoorDash

“We look forward to continuing to develop and launch innovative new safety features so Dashers earn with more confidence knowing they can get help when they need it,” the company said in a press release.

Image credit: Shutterstock

Source: DoorDash