Organizations will soon be able to ‘identify’ other Twitter accounts associated with them

Organizations will also reportedly be able to 'manage affiliations' with employees, giving them the ability to remove 'organization identifications'

Soon after Twitter’s new $9.99/month Blue subscription with a Blue checkmark caused a myriad of fake imposter accounts on the platform, so much so, that the subscription has been indefinitely suspended.

Roughly two days after suspending the subscription, Elon Musk announced via a Tweet that Twitter will soon allow organizations to “identify” other Twitter accounts associated with them. This likely means that accounts like MobileSyrup’s Twitter account would be able to verify that I work for the website, which might subsequently result in my account displaying a “verified by @MobileSyrup,” or a similar tag.

While the Twitter Blue verification is indefinitely suspended until Twitter finds a way to combat impersonators, the new ‘organization identification’ feature might be a good step for the platform to push some kind of verification/identification marking for organizations and their employees.  When asked whether users would just be able to “create an organization” of their own, Musk said that Twitter will be the “final arbiter” regarding what constitutes an organization.

Organizations would also reportedly be able to “manage affiliations” with employees, giving them the ability to removed said ‘organization identification’ when an employee changes their job.

Finally, while Blue Verification is suspended, Twitter is making a second 360 on the recently released ‘Official’ badge. The badge, which was released first on November 9th and removed on the same day, is now being re-added, according to the Twitter Support page.

Source: @elonmusk