Telus attempted to sway Rogers-Shaw merger, internal documents show

Telus named its attempts 'Project Fox'

Vancouver-based telecom giant Telus made attempts to alter the $26 billion merger between Rogers and Shaw, internal documents show.

The efforts were initially presented to Telus’s board under the name ‘Project Fox,’ and were shared during the Competition Tribunal’s hearing into the matter.

“Continued execution of our top-of-house strategy where ELT meets with political leaders to kill, shape and slow the deal,” the presentation reads.

ELT refers to the executive leadership team. Persuasion attempts included discussions with Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) to block Québecor’s acquisition of Freedom Mobile.

The board meeting took place in August 2022, and the slides were initially kept from public view. After redactions, the document became available for the public to see, in an attempt to make the hearing transparent.

In its second week, the first week primarily consisted of questioning witnesses away from the view of the public, creating issues of transparency. Chief Justice Crampton started Monday’s session by addressing the issue and the need to keep matters public.