Fitbit Sleep Profiles coming to Pixel Watch on November 22

You'll need a Fitbit Premium subscription to take advantage of Sleep Profiles

Fitbit’s ‘Sleep Profile‘ system will make its way to the new Pixel Watch starting November 22nd.

Google announced the details in a blog post. Sleep Profiles, for those unfamiliar, assign users an animal that represents their sleep style based on insights and data gathered by Fitbit sleep tracking. Sleep Profiles are, unfortunately, only available to Fitbit Premium subscribers.

To get a Sleep Profile, users will need to wear their Pixel Watch to bed for at least 14 days each month. Fitbit assigns Sleep Profiles each month, and your Sleep Profile can change if your sleeping habits shift. Google notes that Pixel Watch owners who wore their watch to bed for 14 nights in October will get a Sleep Profile on November 22nd when the feature releases.

I spent time with Fitbit’s Sleep Profile features on the company’s Sense smartwatch earlier this year — you can learn more about Sleep Profiles here.

Since launch, Google says Fitbit Sleep Profile released 6.35 million profiles to users. Moreover, the company shared some trends from the first few months of Sleep Profiles:

“People who use Sleep Profile are most successful at hitting the ideal range of “Time Before Sound Sleep” (52%), REM sleep (49.7%) and deep sleep (49.5%). But they are the least successful at hitting the ideal range of “Nights with Long Awakenings” and “Sleep Schedule Variability” (14.6% and 23.2% respectively). The most common areas of improvement are Days with Naps (61.2%), Sleep Schedule Variability (52.7%) and Restorative Sleep (45.6%).”

Fitbit Premium costs $12.99/mo or $104.99/year in Canada.

Source: Google