Raptors’ Fred VanVleet plays Halo with up-and-comer Deniya Prawl in new Samsung ad

The duo play Halo and use Samsung smartphones in the ad

Samsung Canada dropped a new brand campaign to highlight how its ecosystem of devices can help Canadians connect.

In a video spot from Samsung, Toronto Raptors shooting guard Fred VanVleet uses Samsung tech to connect with up-and-coming Canadian basketball star Deniya Prawl. Samsung hooked VanVleet up with a Galaxy Z Fold 4, Neo QLED 8K TV “and some other Samsung products” to surprise Prawl, who’s rocking a similar TV set-up but with the Galaxy Z Flip 4 instead.

The pair hop into a game of what appears to be Halo Infinite for a few minutes before VanVleet calls Prawl with Google Duo to ask her a series of questions about basketball. While on the call, VanVleet walks down to the room where Prawl is to introduce himself.

The whole video is meant to highlight how Samsung devices, like TVs and phones, work together. For example, when VanVleet calls Prawl, the incoming call appears on her Samsung TV.

You can watch the video above or at the link here.