Rogers, Bell, Telus add $10/mo bill credit for 15 months to online orders

They also offer to waive the $50 connection fee for $200 total in savings for online orders

The Big Three carriers, Bell, Telus, and Rogers, have all added a new $10/mo bill credit for 15 months.

The specifics differ slightly from carrier to carrier, but generally, the credit is only available online and can be applied when customers get an in-market 5G plan either when they bring their own phone or get a phone from the carrier.

Telus advertises on its website a $250 total savings for customers, which consists of waiving the $50 activation fee, a $50 bill credit (only available to new activations or hardware upgrades), and the $10/mo bill credit for 15 months ($150 total).

Rogers similarly says it will waive the $50 connection fee but doesn’t have an additional $50 bill credit. That works out to a total $200 in savings.

Bell doesn’t advertise waiving the $50 connection fee in conjunction with the $150 credit, but separately Bell does waive the $50 connection fee for online orders, so customers can still take advantage of both when they sign up online.

It’s also worth noting most carriers offer to waive the $50 connection fee for online orders and that, despite the framing, it’s not a part of Black Friday deals.

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