Rogers offering $75/mo 100GB plan for Black Friday

The plan previously cost $85/mo and had 25GB of data

$75 per month 100GB Rogers plan.

Rogers rolled out a special Black Friday deal offering a $75/mo plan with 100GB of 5G data.

Typically, the plan costs $85/mo. It also either had 50GB or 25GB of data — Rogers’ website changed the number while I wrote the story. The 100GB of data runs on 5G or 5G+ speed (if you’re in an area where Rogers deployed 5G+ service) with a speed cap of 250Mbps. Moreover, once customers go over the 100GB cap, they can keep using data at a throttled speed of up to 512Kbps.

The plan is only available for new activations and hardware upgrades.

You can check it out here.