Virgin Plus offering $50 bill credit for Cyber Monday

The $45/50GB plan is still on

Virgin Plus logo on an iPhone

If you made it through the weekend without taking advantage of one of the many carrier offers out there, some providers are sweetening the deals for Cyber Monday. Bell flanker Virgin Plus, for example, is offering a $50 bill credit only on November 28th.

According to Virgin’s website, customers who shop online can save $100, a combination of Virgin waiving the $50 connection fee (something it typically does) and applying a $50 bill credit. If you’re gunning for that sweet, sweet $45/50GB plan, this effectively gives you a free month.

Beyond the $50 credit, I don’t see much else on offer from Virgin Plus that the provider didn’t already have. The $9/mo Pixel 7 deal is still going, there’s a $1/mo iPhone 11 available, and the Pixel 6a is $1/mo too.

Check out Virgin’s Cyber Monday offers here.