Today is the last day to get the $45/50GB promo plan

Fido, Koodo, and Virgin Plus all list November 29th as the end date for the $45/50GB plan

Looks like November 29th will be the last day to get the $45/mo 50GB deal on offer at Fido, Koodo, and Virgin Plus.

The Big Three flanker brands added notices to their websites that list November 29th as the end date for the $45/mo plan, but the plans are still available online.

As a quick reminder, the plan on offer typically costs $65/mo but has a $20/mo bill credit for 24 months. Along with the 50GB of data, the plans come with unlimited Canada-wide minutes and messaging, as well as some other perks and features depending on the carrier. Moreover, Fido and Virgin both cap data speed at 150Mbps while Koodo caps it at 100Mbps, but Koodo customers can pick a ‘Speed Boost’ perk that bumps it up to 200Mbps.

Fido also followed Virgin in adding a one-day-only $50 bill credit offer. Customers who sign up with Fido on November 29th get a $50 bill credit and Fido will waive the $50 connection fee.

You can view Fido’s plans here, Virgin’s plans here, and Koodo’s plans here.