McCain’s wants to combat awkward family moments with dystopian fry dispenser

Stop doing weird french fry stuff


“Our goal is to bring people together, and the DistractiFRY is a fun, relatable way to connect with your loved ones,” said Matt Kohler, a managing director at McCain, in the world’s most awkward and forced press release.

McCain Foods is a Canadian company that makes oven french fries, pizza pockets, and probably other food I can’t remember right now. Lately, it’s been on a tear involving weird publicity stunts, and this one has to be the dumbest yet

It’s a simple holiday ad, but it’s just a few years out from cultural relevancy, and as a concept, it’s very cringe.

The ad takes the age-old Saturday Night live skit of an awkward family dinner and turns it down to one. Luckily, instead of functional jokes, we keep getting interrupted by a McCain machine that detects stupid comments and then dispenses fries to help shut up whoever is talking.

Obviously, McCain didn’t have one of these on the floor during the pitch meeting for this commercial, or the entire thing would have been scrapped.

I also like how this family is sitting around a lovely home-cooked holiday meal, and we’re just supposed to believe that everyone is more excited about the dystopian machine in the centre of the table that’s dispensing frozen, oven-cooked french fries.

Just to hit home the stale press release motif, McCain is also partnering with famous TikTok personality @KallMeKris to offer a giveaway! However, the giveaway is fairly crappy and probably not worth getting on the McCain email list unless you want to have a dinner catered by McCain where the ‘DistractiFRY’ is present. Sick, your grandma will love you.

While this ad might seem harmless, it comes after the company partnered with the famous artist behind Board Ape Yacht Club and Roblox to promote its line of fries that are farmed using eco-friendly practices. This is a pretty noble endeavour that you’d think McCain Foods would want to continue to highlight.

But this is 2022, so instead, we’re hit with corny holiday ads.

“Remember hosts, it’s pretty hard for your guests to disagree when McCain fries are on the table.” – McCain fries

Image credit: McCain

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