Google Recorder for Pixel gains speaker identification functionality

Google Recorder 'version 4.2' is rolling out now

During the Pixel 7 series’ launch event, Google claimed that the smartphone would be able to access Google One VPN for free in December. December is now here, and as promised, users have started reporting that they’re able to use Google One VPN for free on their Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro devices.

During the flagship launch event, Google also touted the arrival of ‘Speaker Detection’ and ‘Speaker Labels’ to the Google Recorder app. That feature also seems to be rolling out now.

After updating to ‘version 4.2,’ the Google Recorder app displays a prompt that asks users to enable the “Detect and label speaker” functionality. Tapping on ‘Continue’ to enable the feature further explains how it works, as seen in the screenshots below:

According to Google, the Recorder app analyzes your audio recordings to detect and label distinct speakers within your transcripts. To do this, the Recorder app does the following:

  • Computes models of the voices detected in the recording,
  • Gives each voice detected a generic text label (such as Speaker1, Speaker2), and
  • Compares the voices throughout the recording so the transcript can reflect what each voice said and when.

Users can edit recording transcriptions and assign custom names to identified speakers, while there is also an option to create and add new speakers when editing the transcript.

Google also makes it clear that to process the identification of different speakers, the voice recordings and models are temporarily stored on the device until the speaker labelling is complete. Once done, the voice models are deleted, and no voice data is sent to Google’s servers.

Although Google has started rolling out Google Recorder version 4.2 via the PlayStore, it hasn’t been widely released yet, as no one at MobileSyrup currently has the update.

Via: Android Police