Stadia exclusive Hello Engineer to release on PC in 2023

The title will arrive on PC in 2023

Google is set to shut down Stadia on January 18th, 2023, but tinybuild’s ‘machinery-construction’ title, Hello Engineer, isn’t ready to die with the platform.

The game, which is a part of the Hello Neighbour series, was originally released exclusively on Stadia in June 2021. That is, until now. The construction puzzle title is headed to PC via Steam.

The game will arrive on PC in 2023, and is currently available to wishlist on Steam. There is no specific release date for Hello Engineer yet.

“Hello Engineer is a multiplayer machinary-construction game set in the Hello Engineer universe for up to 4 players! Scavenge, craft and overcome challenges in the bizarre world of a mysterious amusement park. Put together incredible machines built of scrap, and challenge your creepy Neighbor and his evil bots. Roll, fly or bounce your way to victory; any machine that gets the job done is a successful design!” reads the game description on Steam.

The game has a story mode and a sandbox mode, wherein the former allows you to work alone or with friends to navigate challenges and puzzles, while the latter allows you to explore and build in a restriction-less free world.

Learn more about the title’s PC port or wishlist it here.

Image credit: Hello Engineer

Via: 9to5Google