Belkin launches AirPods earwax cleaning kit

Finally, there's a way for the 1 percent to clean their AirPods

Belkin AirPods Cleaning Kit

If you use Apple’s AirPods or any wireless earbuds for that matter, you’ve likely noticed that they can become covered in earwax after even just a day of use in some cases.

While this unwanted debris can usually be removed with a Q-tip and some sort of cleaning solution (I use rubbing alcohol), accessory maker Belkin has released an official AirPods Cleaning Kit that it claims “restores acoustic performance.” While likely true to some extent, you’d need a lot of earwax and dirt jammed in your AirPods for the audio to degrade in quality.

The kit is specifically designed for every generation of Apple’s standard AirPods that don’t feature silicone tips, though I don’t see why you also couldn’t use it with the AirPods Pro (perhaps the swab won’t fit in the silicone tip?). The ‘AirPods Cleaning Kit’ includes a cleaning brush, an earwax softening solution (gross 🤮), cleaning gel and a microfiber cloth.

The kit seems designed to only be used once given the small quantity of cleaning fluid, which isn’t great given its $14.99 USD (roughly $20.38 CAD) price. With this in mind, the cleaning kit is a tough sell, even for someone who actually likes Apple’s pricey $25 official polishing cloth.

Image credit: Belkin